Alona Gecko Inn - Alona Beach / Pangalao Island


About us

Alona Gecko Inn welcomes their Guests since January 2016. Despite the overrated pricing here in Alona we developed our Guesthouse on high value criteria's for affordable money. The outcome is a modern Apartments newest style with comfortable living for a pricing that is hardly to find here on the Alona Beach.

We also spot on our environment. As a responsible Management we fulfilled the highest waste and electricity standards. So we built a defacer and the electric is on power saving LED standards. Especially when living close to the Beach, waste management very important. Being on the top end when it comes to Internet at the Guesthouse is our passion. Therefore we are presented on social media as Facebook or Trip Advisor and many others, as well as providing you with free Fiber high speed Internet-WIFI that deserves its name. If you still have business duties while being away, you get the Internet speed you need to be finished with your work as soon as possible. We are open 24/7. During daytime our Staff is taking care of you. During nighttime our security Guard is present.

From Alona Gecko Inn you can to about 400m away Alona Beach within walking distance. Along the way, you have a number of restaurants, bars and various shops that let you to walk are very entertaining.
Would you like to dive on Alona Beach and the surrounding islands or even explore the islands , we have provided you on our homepage links of our partners for diving and tours as small recommendation for you.



Our young and motivated team strives every day anew, to fully satisfy our and your standard of hospitality and quality and to allow you a nice time with us.

Our friendly and professional team had at any time an open ear for you and help with words and deeds.